Blogging as my little one grows...

Blogging as my little one grows...
2 lbs at birth... My Logan

Monday, April 26, 2010


I am so very tired today.  It makes me want to cry and scream, but ironically enough I do not have enough energy to do that.  Last night I didn't feel very wel because of the burn on my leg and I had a headache.  I decided to take some of my migraine medicine so that I could get some sleep.  I did sleep, but that medicine always makes me sleepy when I wake up.  I also decided today to start taking my blood pressure medicine again twice a day.  I have only been taking it at nights because it makes me so tired. I should have thought twice about today being the day to start taking it twice a day, because really why would I have thought this was a good idea.  All day at work I was gulping down caffeine just to be able to stay alert and not fall asleep.  Which is turn made this one of the longest days in a while.  I really hate taking this medicine.  As I sit here my eyes want to droop and I have so much to do.  Dinner, bathtime for Logan, Laundry, Dishes (wait not dishes that's Chips Job), playing with Logan, and spending time with Chip. 

Instead, I am very crabby, exhausted, and shouldn't be allowed to hold sharp objects(in case I get anrgy or fall asleep, I could hurt myself or others!!). 

One more day until a day off.  Just one more. I can do this.  This working 2 jobs is killing me.  I am afraid of getting burn out on it,but can't stop as we need the money.  That little bit of extra money gets us through. 

I will blog more later after I get things done, for now I have to go as I smell supper starting to burn. YIKES.

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  1. Oh, no! Burning supper is probably not going to help the mood. Maybe you need a nice bath. Or some chocolate. Or both. :)