Blogging as my little one grows...

Blogging as my little one grows...
2 lbs at birth... My Logan

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not a happy camper

Against my better judgement and the pleading of my soon to be husband, I gave in to going camping this weekend with Chip's best friend Chuck, his significant other Becky, and their 3 kids.  Adding in Logan, there are equal parts children to adults.  I was kind of excited, because I hadn't been real camping in over 10 years. 

Was being the operative word here.

I told him I would not go without an air mattress to sleep on, I have sleeping problems anyway so sleeping on the hard ground was not something I would negotiate.  He did well, and borrowed an air mattress from his mom.  Two cart fulls at Wal-mart and a very big bill later, we arrived at the campground at approximately 7pm.   After the tents were set up, Chip went to get the air mattress out of the bag to set it up. 

Whatever it was (looked like a blow up couch) ( who even has blow up couches, and why would you send that for us to sleep on) it was not a air mattress. It was clear on top and purple on bottom, with cup holders.  Literally either a blog up couch or a butterfly pool float.  Seriously.  I was so seething madness, but I had to keep it inside and act like a good sport as we were with Chip's friends.  I was a very good sport, as we slept on the ground last night.  We had only brought two blankets too, so it was very hard.  Poor chip didn't have any padding in between him and the ground as he doubled one of the blankets up for me, and we covered up with the other.  That right there shows love.

We then proceeded to have dinner, and it was around 9:30pm before we ate.  Logan by this time was uber-crabby and really needed to go to bed. I took him in and tried to get him to sleep, all he wanted to do was wander around the tent.  I finally bribed him with his cup, and he laid down.  He fell asleep quickly after that. 

All was well until around two am when Logan started moving all around, and crying every so often.  He would cry out, roll over a few times, then go back to sleep.  That would last approximately 5 min, and he would do it all over again.  Tried many positions with him next me to, in between us, next to chip. Nothing worked.  Finally, at just after 3am when it was clear this wasn't working and Logan was not going to go back to sleep, Chip took Logan to his truck.  He buckled him in the car seat and drove around the huge campground until he fell asleep.  I got up for work at 5am and Logan was fast asleep in the car still with Chip at that point. Apparently Logan slept in the car until almost 9am.

I am so sore.  The combination of Logan thrashing around and the hard ground, is killing me today.  I told him that Logan and I would just go home tonight, but he could stay.  He said OK at three am.  At five am he looked at me with his pleading eyes again, said he would go get an air mattress from his moms (a real one). He said he would also drive out to our house to pick up my swim suit (which I told him to pack, and he still forgot) and the play pen for Logan to sleep with.  I said fine, but if it still doesn't work we would be going home tomorrow.  Three nights of little sleep, is not an option.

His mother didn't have an air mattress, so I authorized Chip to go buy one.  At least we will be comfortable, because we bought the more expensive one.  He did pick up the play pen, so Logan will have his own bed where he can be contained. 

Fingers crossed things go better tonight. I swear if I am not sleeping at 3am I will be driving home!!!!!!

Hopefully I will have time to take some pictures today or tomorrow.  I need to document Logan's first camping trip!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here I am..

Since I am finnally gotten the Save-the-dates for the wedding out, I feel I can relax a little bit.  Yes only a little, because there is so so much more work to be done for the wedding.  I am so looking forward to some of it, other stuff not so much.  Like the part where we have to meet with a married couple from our church and talk about Natural Family Planning and Christian Sexuality.  Yup, not looking forward to that much or the fact that it is going to cost 140.00 for 3 sessions. 

Sounds fun huh?

Wanna do it for me?
Yeah I didn't think so.  lol

I have been thinking of some really funny and fun things I could blog about lately.  However since stress took over and this headache that has taken up permanent residence in my head, I can't remember any of the things I was going to write about.  I am thinking of naming my headache though, I think since its been here so long it deserves a name.  Any suggestions?

A couple weeks ago I was going through my old box of letters in my closet and came across letters from my childhood best friend Tabitha.  We were really close until the age of 6 1/2 when we were separated because I moved to Illinois from Florida.  We wrote eachother letters from then until about 16ish when the letters stopped.  I think just getting older and having so much going on that we stopped writing eachother.  We lost touch.  Well thanks to the invention of Facebook and everyone and their mom being on there, I was able to locate her (and her mom).  We have started talking again, mostly through text messages, and its nice.  She has an 8 year old. Hopefully she is going to come up for my wedding and it'll be the first time we will have seen eachother in 11 years.  I am looking forward to it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I know I have been MIA...

I promise after this week I will be back to posting more.  This wedding stuff is taking up all my time this week.

My child is also going to be spending the night at my in-laws.  This will be his first sleep over. I am sure he will do fine, I am worried about how I will do.  (I know it will be fine)(right?)

Now I must get back to addressing envelopes and writing addresses.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not Cool

I called my mother a little while ago, and she informed me that they scheduled her MRI for Thursday.  They have to sedate her for the MRI because she freaks out in small spaces.  They are going to do it in Iowa City, which is about an hour and a half from us (give or take).  They scheduled her appointment for 7am. 

Apparently, I am the only person that is free that day to take her.  (what?!?!)

We will have to leave at 5am.

5am on my day off, on the 1 of 2 days I get to sleep in a week.  I am working between 48-50 hours a week right now. 

This is not even right.

PLUS, I will have to keep a toddler  happy and/or busy for about 2ish hours. In a hospital.  I mean they have a children's play area outside, so that wouldn't be that difficult.  However, its supposed to rain.  BLAH

I have to get these save the dates out this week, and I am not even for sure I made enough.  I really don't even know if I have a complete guest list yet, because my family are a bunch of procrastinators.  They don't think I need the info because it is not until September. That's only 4 months.  (Only 4 months to my wedding! WOW!) I guess that still think that is forever away, but it is not.  Really.  Come on. 

I guess I will need to stalk Jamaica again today in order to de-stress.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that my mother in law stayed over night and that I made her a low fat/low sugar dessert, and that I would post pictures showing it.  Well I am just now getting around to it.  My internet connection at home is very slow for uploading pictures anymore.  I used a flash drive and my work computer, then BAM I have them right here for your viewing pleasure.

Logan was a big help, when I say help I mean he licked the angel food cake batter from the beaters.
He wanted to eat the beater itself, but it wouldn't fit in his mouth.

He even tried to stick it in his mouth different way, but it still would not fit.

This is the end result.

It was very very YUMMY!!

It consisted of angel food cake cut into peices in a glass casserole dish.  Covered in sugar free instant banana pudding, and fruit (I put blackberries, green grapes, and purple grapes.  Any fruit an be used.)

Then as a bonus I have this super cute glamour-ish shot of Logan.  He loves having his picture taken. 

Notice the dirt or something on his right cheek. Yeah I wish I would have noticed that prior to the pictures.

As everyone knows yesterday is Mother's Day, and with our money situation the way it is, I completely didn't expect roses.  Or two cards. I am very lucky.

Sigh.. SO pretty!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am a Stalker.

I am a stalker. 

I think its because I am so tired and worn out from working two jobs, and just being generally stressed out.

I am stalking Jamaica (nope, not a mistype). I am stalking the whole country hotel Thur travel advisor. I know I shouldn't obsess like this, yet I am going to continue to obsess. It relaxes me to know that all this hard work and planning will end with a happy result. Our marriage and then the trip to Jamaica.  

See look at that: *SIGH* doesn't it make you want to just move there?

This is the Hotel we are staying at.  *ANOTHER LOUD SIGH*, its just beautiful.  I want to live on that bridge(see delusional thoughts) (I can't really live on a bridge, or can i? )(no no i can't live on a bridge)

Thank ends today's stalking episode.  Stay tuned, I am sure there will be more since I am not going to Jamaica until September 20th.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Banana's & Ice cream.

If i didn't know better I would think that I am pregnant. 

Yes, I did say that out loud. It is not a jinx. 

Yesterday for breakfast I had scrambled eggs with miracle whip and ketchup on them. For lunch, I had bananas dipped in chocolate chip ice cream.  Which is Delicious. 

However, I know better. I am not pregnant.  Secondly, when I was pregnant I never craved weird things like this.  Its really weird that every month I get these outrageous cravings. 

In other news, Heather has an interview today and Monday.  Please wish her luck as she will be laid off around July 1 and needs a new job asap!!..

***Update*** Heather is only take a test today, can still wish her luck for that and the actual interview which is Monday.  She needs all the positive energy she can get right now!!!!

Story Time

Gather around children, have a seat at my feet while I tell you a tale...

Ok so not quite a tale.  I was just thinking about my best friend today and decided I would blog about how we met. 

Approximately 8 years ago (really its been 8 years?! holy donuts!), I worked for a call center called APAC that contracted work with Citibank credit cards.  I worked in the inbound section doing card activations (which are hoaxes because your cards are already activated by the time you would speak to me, and it was a totally unneccesary hold & conversation that we would have) and when the customer would come on the line we would try to get them to do balance transfers from their other credit cards.  We would also try to upsell them other products like credit protector (rip off) and others I can't remember at the moment.  At first I didn't like Heather that much, I didn't know her, she looked preppy, and well I wasn't a big fan of plaid pants. She liked plaid pants.  Don't get me wrong, she looked adorable in them, but it didn't seem like we were a compatible match for friendship. 

One Saturday, I happened to sit by this big guy Nathan, and she happened to sit on the other side of him.  I always had hard candy with me or suckers of every different variety.  Well she asked me for a peice of candy and so I went to throw it to her.  Nathan tried to catch the peice of candy and fell backwards out of his chair.  I thought I would pee my pants I was laughing so hard.  She was also laughing uncontrolably. 

And that was how a friendship was born. 

Then she decided to move away.  I mean just because you get a scholarship to a college doesn't mean you should go there.  Just because your parents suck and you wanted to get as far away from them as possibly, doesn't me you move all the way to Pittsburgh. Right? Wrong, because off she went.  I think if it weren't for the invention of text messaging we would have never survived.  We text soo much it feels like we have these long drawn out conversations when really, all we had were about 4 dozen messages with about 160 characters. 

In 2008, we both freaked out when she got pregnant. I had to talk her into going and getting a test, and when she did.  Wow.  She was pregnant.  Then approximately 2 months later I was pregnant too, and it wasn't planned on either of our parts.  So she was due in september, and I was due in november.

Then suprise, I gave birther due to complications two and a half months early, and she gave birth 5 days later.  Our boys are 5 days apart. 

Lately, our friendship has grown to where I rely on her more and more.  And she relies on me more and more.  Even through the distance we seem to be getting closer.  We know everything about eachother, the good, the bad, and the worst.  We talk on the phone mostly everyday.  It makes me sad that she can't be my maid of honor, and I think it makes her sad too.  I wish we had unlimited funds and could fly to see eachother more often.  I haven't seen her since Christmas of 2008, and I can't wait to see her for my wedding in September. 

We may have an imperfect friendship, but it is time tested. It is forever.

I love her.

***update*** Apparantly I have my memory doesn't work and Heather was here Thanksgiving of 2008. 
Also, I heart plaid now.  Circa 2002, I did not. Also it was my first impression that made me not like her *at* first.  Obviously life experiences has told us that first impressions are almost ALWAYS wrong.  In this case is was, and I am Glad.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I really wanted to have enough time this weekend to post those pictures from last week, but alas I have not, so maybe this upcoming wednesday when I am off work again.  Weekends are just super busy for me!! So now I will just update you a bit on what happened from thursday thru the weekend.


Cleaned like a maniac all day.  That included cleaning the carpet of the bedroom and laundry room.  Getting things throw out, and really wanting to dive into our mountain of plastic tubs of baby clothes to get rid of some (I kept everything!!).  Then I went to the store and bought a few things, nothing insteresting mostly detergent and cleaning products!  I came back home and baked an angel food cake because my mother in law was coming over to stay the night to watch Logan for us while we met with the priest.  When the angel food cake was done I cut it into slices and placed in a casserole dish.  I then proceeded to pour banana cream (sugar free) pudding on top of it and then I added purple grapes, green grapes, and blackberries to it.  It was super yummy and made a perfect birthday present for my mother-in-law-to-be.  I had a roast in the crockpot all day with some baby carrots, so dinner was practically made. I added fresh green beans and steam aspharagus, and it was a perfect dinner.  By the time I got all this done though I had to eat it so fast I couldn't savor the food.  I then jumped in the shower and practically ran out the door to get to the church to meet with the priest about wedding stuff. 

We had taken an inventory of files test to see what issues that Chip and I may need to discuss before getting married.  Overall we did very well, better than I thought we would do.  We discussed a few things we needed to and the Priest said that we are different from just co-habiting couples because we have a child. Duh.  (lol).  He said that co-habitating couples have a higher divorce rate because they go into marriage thinking it is not going to change anything, but it does because they can't just leave.  Or they feel they still can because they still think of themselves as separate. Or something like that.  Since we have a baby we are already attached or bonded to eachother. 

Yeah I don't know if that last paragraph made sense.  Oh well.

Then we went home and went to bed, which by that time was 10pm.  Yowza.


I worked from 6am-4:30pm, and then was susposed to waitress at the restaurant.  We had some bad storms roll through about the time I was driving out there.  It took me an hour and a half to get home.  It was raining so hard I had to pull over several times, and kept getting freaked out.  So because of the rain and that I was late, my grandma said I could just take the night off since they weren't very busy.

I was like, YES!

So I went home and chased Logan around the house, we ordered pizza and picked up a movie (Thanks Redbox).  It was awesome.


Worked 6a-4:30pm, then went to Chip's mom's suprise birthday party.  Well the surprise was already over so mostly I hung out and talked with Chip's grandma.  Another 10pm bed night, ugh I didn't want to get up Sunday morning.


Opened at the restaurant at 6am.  Worked until 1:30pm ish.  Went home changed, went back to the restaurant with Logan for lunch (we have no food in the house that was not frozen).  Then we hung out with my grandpa while my dad & Chip cut up this wood for my grandpa in his empty lot.  When that was done we went to Wal-mart and back over to my parents and had brats for dinner.  Pretty uninteresting huh?

I am hoping to have more to say later one.  We'll see.  I really want to post again about the on-going affair I am having with my bed, but alas I will spare all of you from that.