Blogging as my little one grows...

Blogging as my little one grows...
2 lbs at birth... My Logan

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Today was a very uneventful day, the rain made it feel lazy even though I didn't get to be...  I waitressed from about 8:30 until around 1pm at my grandparents restaurant.  Some older people are super nice.  They make me smile. 

After working I came home, and after looking at my cluttered house decided to go over to my parents. We watched the Spring cup race and ate hot wings (they are diet food right??).  I get tired of fighting with my parents about discipline for Logan and when he's had enough food.  They just want to keep feeding him and feeding him.  Really after chicken, french fries, sloppy Jo meat, and a fruit parfait, I think he's had enough.  He doesn't need strawberry applesauce.  Then I was telling my dad I found a Chuck Tow truck the other day, but didn't buy it because Logan kept throwing it on the floor.  I told him to stop, he didn't, so no toy at the store.  He said that they didn't do that stuff to me when I was growing up, implying that I am mean.  I am not mean, but I do believe my child needs boundaries and consequences.  They will have 1 week while we are in Jamaica to spoil him rotten.  Until then, Chip and I are the parents and we're going to do it how we see fit.  OK my venting is done now.

Today my mom finally started working with me on the guest list.  I still don't have many addresses but at least I am getting a working list on who we are actually inviting. I mean the wedding is approx. 5 months away or less.  A guest list is quite important in order to plan...

Last night when we were watching Avatar and they were flying on one of the animals, Logan started watching the TV and flapping his arms.  Its so cute that he tries to fly.  I wish some parts of this stage would last forever.  Also I am looking forward to when he can actually tell me what he wants instead of going ''ehhhhh'' and pointing.  Also when he hurts himself (which is all the time because he is super clumsy) its so cute when he goes ''owwwwwy''.  Watching him grow up is so awesome.  I look at him and can't beleive that he used to be so small he could fit in my hand.

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