Blogging as my little one grows...

Blogging as my little one grows...
2 lbs at birth... My Logan

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am a Stalker.

I am a stalker. 

I think its because I am so tired and worn out from working two jobs, and just being generally stressed out.

I am stalking Jamaica (nope, not a mistype). I am stalking the whole country hotel Thur travel advisor. I know I shouldn't obsess like this, yet I am going to continue to obsess. It relaxes me to know that all this hard work and planning will end with a happy result. Our marriage and then the trip to Jamaica.  

See look at that: *SIGH* doesn't it make you want to just move there?

This is the Hotel we are staying at.  *ANOTHER LOUD SIGH*, its just beautiful.  I want to live on that bridge(see delusional thoughts) (I can't really live on a bridge, or can i? )(no no i can't live on a bridge)

Thank ends today's stalking episode.  Stay tuned, I am sure there will be more since I am not going to Jamaica until September 20th.


  1. That looks really nice! I love the Caribbean. You'll have such a great time!

  2. That is a dream of go somewhere like that.

  3. trying having that dream everynight. it makes the wait that much longer!!