Blogging as my little one grows...

Blogging as my little one grows...
2 lbs at birth... My Logan

Friday, May 7, 2010

Story Time

Gather around children, have a seat at my feet while I tell you a tale...

Ok so not quite a tale.  I was just thinking about my best friend today and decided I would blog about how we met. 

Approximately 8 years ago (really its been 8 years?! holy donuts!), I worked for a call center called APAC that contracted work with Citibank credit cards.  I worked in the inbound section doing card activations (which are hoaxes because your cards are already activated by the time you would speak to me, and it was a totally unneccesary hold & conversation that we would have) and when the customer would come on the line we would try to get them to do balance transfers from their other credit cards.  We would also try to upsell them other products like credit protector (rip off) and others I can't remember at the moment.  At first I didn't like Heather that much, I didn't know her, she looked preppy, and well I wasn't a big fan of plaid pants. She liked plaid pants.  Don't get me wrong, she looked adorable in them, but it didn't seem like we were a compatible match for friendship. 

One Saturday, I happened to sit by this big guy Nathan, and she happened to sit on the other side of him.  I always had hard candy with me or suckers of every different variety.  Well she asked me for a peice of candy and so I went to throw it to her.  Nathan tried to catch the peice of candy and fell backwards out of his chair.  I thought I would pee my pants I was laughing so hard.  She was also laughing uncontrolably. 

And that was how a friendship was born. 

Then she decided to move away.  I mean just because you get a scholarship to a college doesn't mean you should go there.  Just because your parents suck and you wanted to get as far away from them as possibly, doesn't me you move all the way to Pittsburgh. Right? Wrong, because off she went.  I think if it weren't for the invention of text messaging we would have never survived.  We text soo much it feels like we have these long drawn out conversations when really, all we had were about 4 dozen messages with about 160 characters. 

In 2008, we both freaked out when she got pregnant. I had to talk her into going and getting a test, and when she did.  Wow.  She was pregnant.  Then approximately 2 months later I was pregnant too, and it wasn't planned on either of our parts.  So she was due in september, and I was due in november.

Then suprise, I gave birther due to complications two and a half months early, and she gave birth 5 days later.  Our boys are 5 days apart. 

Lately, our friendship has grown to where I rely on her more and more.  And she relies on me more and more.  Even through the distance we seem to be getting closer.  We know everything about eachother, the good, the bad, and the worst.  We talk on the phone mostly everyday.  It makes me sad that she can't be my maid of honor, and I think it makes her sad too.  I wish we had unlimited funds and could fly to see eachother more often.  I haven't seen her since Christmas of 2008, and I can't wait to see her for my wedding in September. 

We may have an imperfect friendship, but it is time tested. It is forever.

I love her.

***update*** Apparantly I have my memory doesn't work and Heather was here Thanksgiving of 2008. 
Also, I heart plaid now.  Circa 2002, I did not. Also it was my first impression that made me not like her *at* first.  Obviously life experiences has told us that first impressions are almost ALWAYS wrong.  In this case is was, and I am Glad.

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  1. I didn't know that you didn't like me at first. Because I loved those blue plaid pants. Hmmm. I'm not sure how to process this information right now.

    It was right before Thanksgiving 2008. Remember? I had to spend Thanksgiving in Florida by myself. Yeah.

    I can't wait to see you too. And don't forget the Hungry Hobo and Happy Joe's. Psh $165.