Blogging as my little one grows...

Blogging as my little one grows...
2 lbs at birth... My Logan

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not a happy camper

Against my better judgement and the pleading of my soon to be husband, I gave in to going camping this weekend with Chip's best friend Chuck, his significant other Becky, and their 3 kids.  Adding in Logan, there are equal parts children to adults.  I was kind of excited, because I hadn't been real camping in over 10 years. 

Was being the operative word here.

I told him I would not go without an air mattress to sleep on, I have sleeping problems anyway so sleeping on the hard ground was not something I would negotiate.  He did well, and borrowed an air mattress from his mom.  Two cart fulls at Wal-mart and a very big bill later, we arrived at the campground at approximately 7pm.   After the tents were set up, Chip went to get the air mattress out of the bag to set it up. 

Whatever it was (looked like a blow up couch) ( who even has blow up couches, and why would you send that for us to sleep on) it was not a air mattress. It was clear on top and purple on bottom, with cup holders.  Literally either a blog up couch or a butterfly pool float.  Seriously.  I was so seething madness, but I had to keep it inside and act like a good sport as we were with Chip's friends.  I was a very good sport, as we slept on the ground last night.  We had only brought two blankets too, so it was very hard.  Poor chip didn't have any padding in between him and the ground as he doubled one of the blankets up for me, and we covered up with the other.  That right there shows love.

We then proceeded to have dinner, and it was around 9:30pm before we ate.  Logan by this time was uber-crabby and really needed to go to bed. I took him in and tried to get him to sleep, all he wanted to do was wander around the tent.  I finally bribed him with his cup, and he laid down.  He fell asleep quickly after that. 

All was well until around two am when Logan started moving all around, and crying every so often.  He would cry out, roll over a few times, then go back to sleep.  That would last approximately 5 min, and he would do it all over again.  Tried many positions with him next me to, in between us, next to chip. Nothing worked.  Finally, at just after 3am when it was clear this wasn't working and Logan was not going to go back to sleep, Chip took Logan to his truck.  He buckled him in the car seat and drove around the huge campground until he fell asleep.  I got up for work at 5am and Logan was fast asleep in the car still with Chip at that point. Apparently Logan slept in the car until almost 9am.

I am so sore.  The combination of Logan thrashing around and the hard ground, is killing me today.  I told him that Logan and I would just go home tonight, but he could stay.  He said OK at three am.  At five am he looked at me with his pleading eyes again, said he would go get an air mattress from his moms (a real one). He said he would also drive out to our house to pick up my swim suit (which I told him to pack, and he still forgot) and the play pen for Logan to sleep with.  I said fine, but if it still doesn't work we would be going home tomorrow.  Three nights of little sleep, is not an option.

His mother didn't have an air mattress, so I authorized Chip to go buy one.  At least we will be comfortable, because we bought the more expensive one.  He did pick up the play pen, so Logan will have his own bed where he can be contained. 

Fingers crossed things go better tonight. I swear if I am not sleeping at 3am I will be driving home!!!!!!

Hopefully I will have time to take some pictures today or tomorrow.  I need to document Logan's first camping trip!!


  1. I don't do I'm impressed that you are doing this AND going to work!

  2. i know right, it was a long weekend.. and not in a good way!

  3. Wow! You are a much better woman than me! I don't camp much anymore because I never sleep well, there's not much to do, and now that I have a toddler...well, that's just asking me to keep up with way too much. lol.

    I'll take my soft bed with A/C, thankyouverymuch. lol.

  4. I hope it all went well in the end. Photos!